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Twin Cities Makes is a volunteer driven community with our fellow members donating their time and energy to organize, repair, and expand our workshop. Each area is championed/managed by a group of individuals focused on maintaining and growing their area’s infrastructure and community so we can all make and create. Beyond taking a moment to thank these individuals, consider volunteering in an area giving them more time to create. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with your fellow makers!

Membership Volunteer Expectation of 10 hours & 1 Project day per year

Through YOUR contribution of 10 hours every year, and coming to a quarterly cleanup/project day or helping a manager the week of with a project as a member you are helping to maintain and build our community.

If you are looking for a project to champion or be involved with we maintain A current list of shop projects on Trello hereShop Projects Trello

Each shop area also has a positions where you can help as a community leader in a number of roles.

3D Lab

  • Managers - Joseph Bozarth & Jaysen Becerra
  • Team Openings - contact area champion




  • Manager - Steven Chang
  • Team Openings - contact area champion



Machine Shop

Metal Shop


Wood Shop

  • Manager - Jon Alt
  • Area champions - Pat McGuire and Aaron Berg
  • Team Openings - contact area champion


  • Manager - Jonathan Murray
  • Team Openings -
  • Membership Coordinators - open
  • Membership Volunteers - open
  • contact area champion
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