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Member Storage

Manager: Sam T.
Email: [email protected]


Projects and materials not adhering to these rules, or individual shop department posted policies, will be Red Tagged. Whenever possible, an email will be sent to the member by the Member Storage Manager. After two weeks of the item being Red Tagged it will be considered either a donation or removed from the space.

Member Cubbies

Active members can request a storage cubby. All available cubbies will contain a white tag with further instructions. If no cubby is available, contact [email protected] to be placed on the waiting list. Each active cubby must clearly display a completed Green Parking Permit. Prohibited items: Anything not fitting in a storage cubby is considered a “Member Project” and must follow the rules below. Also, see “Banned Items” below.

Member Projects

  1. Projects and materials may only be stored in designated Project Storage Areas with a Green Parking Permit attached. Items stored outside of designated storage areas will be Red Tagged and moved to designated storage areas without notification.
  2. Members are allowed only 1 project at a time. Additional projects are at the Storage Managers discretion and will be considered “Non-conforming
  3. Projects that do not fit on shelves in designated Project Storage Areas, may be placed on the floor but only fully inside designated floor storage areas and if the project is no larger that 4’x4’. It is recommended that floor projects be in a container to avoid damage/dispersal if the items need to be moved. Wheeled containers for heavier items is also recommended.
  4. Projects not on shelves and larger than 4’x4’ are considered Non-conforming projects and will require permission to be stored. Non-conforming Project rules are below.
  5. Projects stored in non-designated Storage Areas can only be with the Prior Written Approval of the area manager overseeing the area. Written approval must include start and end dates of the storage, and be posted along with a Green Parking Permit on the stored item.
  6. Green Parking Permits must be attached to materials and be clearly visible. Tags must includes the following information: Member Number, Member Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Project Start Date, Project Estimated Completion Date, Description of Items Stored

Non-conforming Projects:

A “Non-conforming Project” is defined as any Member Owned Materials that

  • Do not fit on (or are not stored on) a shelf in designated Project Storage Areas, and are larger than 4’x4’ floor space

– OR –

  • Will be in the Hack Factory facility for more than 1 month

– OR –

  • Is the second, or further, project for a single Member.

Non-conforming projects will require specific permission (see “Space Allocation”, below) to be stored at the Hack Factory. Members can send Requests for Storage Space to [email protected] Members are encouraged to proactively request permissions for projects as space may not always be available to store projects.

Banned Items and Loss of Member Storage Privileges

The Following Banned items may NOT be stored at any time and can result in permanent loss of storage privileges: Ammunition, Gunpowder, Primers, Illegal Drugs, Substances requiring special storage/handing (e.g. Fuels, Volatile substances), any other item hazardous item at the discretion of the storage manager.

Space Allocation for Non-conforming Projects:

  1. Is requested by emailing [email protected]
  2. Will follow the above Green Parking Permit tagging process, above.
  3. Is on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. Will be for no more than 3 months in a single request. Extensions cannot be for a period longer than 3 months and may NOT always be available. An extension may come with a requirement to relocate the projects.
  5. Will require a signed agreement, in addition to the request above, with a specific “vacate date”.
  6. MAY require one, or more, of the following at the Storage Managers discretion:
    1. To be on wheels and arranged so a single person can move the Project
    2. To be properly “covered” to protect people and other Projects from damage
  7. Storage Manager may refer exceptional projects to the Board for permission to utilize space at the Hack Factory. These “exceptional projects” may require a non-interest baring deposit that will be refunded if all agreed-upon storage rules (especially on-time completion and disposal/removal of all materials) are complied with.
  8. Items NOT removed by the agreed-to “vacated date” will be Red Tagged, and will strictly follow the 2-week donation/removal process. In addition, any project Red Tagged will not be allowed any further extensions regardless of space being available at the Hack Factory.
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