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Available machines


General Rules

  • Use the dust collector whenever practical.
  • Stay within earshot of the machine when it is running.
  • Vacuum the table when finished.
  • Don't cut hard materials (steel, stone, etc.). Email [email protected] if in doubt.
  • Avoid screwing into the spoilboard unless necessary
  • Avoid getting coolant on the spoilboard
  • If you break anything other than a bit, email [email protected] If the machine is inoperable, put an orange tag on it.
  • No project storage in the CNC room without prior approval.
  • Don't use compressed air to clean the machine. Use a vacuum or dust collector
  • Turn off the machine when you are done.
  • Empty the dust bin/bag in the dumpster, not another bin.
  • Do not change settings on the controller.

X-Carve Rules

  • Wipe down the rails when you are finished.

4 x 8 Rules

  • $5/hr suggested donation. Record on the timesheet, like the laser.
  • Don't wipe down the rails. Vacuum only. The rails are supposed to be kept lubricated.
  • Home the machine before running any program.


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