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3D Lab

The 3D Lab is the home of all of our 3D printers, the 3D scanner, and all of our CAD computers.


The lab is located off the main lobby of the Hack Factory, just to your left as you enter the front door.

Volunteering in the lab

We always have a lot of projects going and always appreciate help. If you have questions you can post in #dept-3d-lab on slack and someone can help you get involved.

We keep our project backlog on Trello here:


To use the 3D printers you have to go through a training class or meet with the lab manager to do a short 1-on-1 training checkoff.

Classes are run once a month, on the 3rd Saturday at 9:30am. You can get tickets at our Eventbrite page. If you cannot make the normal classes post in #dept-3d-lab and it is possible that someone can give you 1-on-1 training but please only do so if you cannot make the normal class. Remember that all shop management and training is run by volunteers just the same as the whole of the shop.


The 3D Lab maintains a stock of filament for members to use, we just ask that you pay for cost of the the filament you use so that we can replace the filament and keep the lab stocked.

Approved Materials

Because the quality of filaments varries a lot and there are limits of some of the machines we maintain a list of approved materials. Please check it out before using any personal materials on lab printers Approved Materials

Options For Repaying For Lab Material Use

  • Put cash in the “kitty”. There is a cat pay box on the lab desk under the computer monitor
  • Use Clubhouse. You can pay for consumables digitally on Clubhouse
  • Donate filament. You can donate filament to replace the filament you used. We generally ask that you stick to brands that the lab stocks when doing this to keep the stock consistent. We stock 3D fuel and MatterHackers filament for lab use generally. If it is outside of that just send an email to [email protected] and ask.


3D Printers

3D Scanners

CAD Computers

The two computers that have two monitors are our CAD computers. To get a logon please email [email protected] (you can also use the same logon as you do for the 3D Printer computer if you have been trained on them)


  • SolidWorks
  • Fusion360
  • OpenSCAD

Documentation & Resources

Lab Documentation & Files

Useful Software


Slicers are the software that take your computer models and turn them into GCODE that a 3D printer understands and executes. There are tons of options out there so feel free to play around with some of them and find one you like. The one we use for the lab printers is Prusa Slicer but you are free to use any slicer you would like as long as you make absolutely sure you have the printer you are using set up correctly in it.

Modeling Software

There are lots of options out there for 3D modeling the ideas you have in your head. This is a selection of free ones that cover the bases from CAD-style (think mechanical parts) and mesh style (think artistic designs).

If you are looking into getting started 3D modeling, regardless of if you eventually want to get into CAD or mesh modeling, I recommend starting with Tinkercad. It is free and web-based so you do not have to worry about installing anything and it has a great tutorial.

Member Projects

Here you can add new pages to track and show off member projects.

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