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Shop Rules & FAQ

This should help to explain some of our rules, policies, and where stuff goes.

The Rule

Obey Bill and Ted's Corollary to Wheatons Law.

Wheaton's Law states “Don't be a dick.” We felt that was a bit negative, and left things open to some lousy behavior. As those Most Excellent put it, “Be Excellent to each other. ” Shop Rules

The Details

  1. Be Excellent
    • Do not use anything in a way that will damage non-sacrificial shop infrastructure. (Don't “re-purpose” a tool permanently, mask or protect work surfaces, …)
    • Give notice to other members before you use tools and materials that project hazards. (Light, noise, dust, spray, VOC's, …)
    • Clean up your own mess promptly. (And any mess you notice that's not in progress)
    • Remember what you learned in kindergarten. (Wait in line, share, be polite, don't run with scissors, …)
    • Ask before you use a tool owned by an individual, or that states it requires training. (They should be labeled Orange or Red)
    • Be respectful of other members, the community, and the organization. We have zero tolerance for abusive behaivor.
  2. Be safe
    • Dress appropriately (Long hair tied back, no loose clothing, appropriate footwear, eye protection, hearing protection, …)
    • No consumption of, or being under the influence of, intoxicants of any kind during the use of any potentially hazardous tools. (Including prescriptions or OTC drugs with warnings)
    • Don't blow up, launch or project anything in an unsafe fashion. (“Fire in the hole!”)
    • Do not use any tools you do not know how to use well enough to show a beginner how to use safely. Ask for help. (Tools labeled Yellow)
    • Oil or solvent soaked rags will spontaneously combust. Always discard them in a safe manner (see: How to Discard Oil and Solvent Soaked Items).
    • Try not to set things on fire accidentally.
    • If a tool is broken stop what you are doing and place an Orange Borked tag on item. Give as much detail as possible with what is wrong with it. We can't fix it if we do not know it is broken. Operating unsafe equipment is dangerous!
  3. Don't break any locally applicable laws. (Statutory or physical)
  4. Always obey the shop supervisor and department heads. (Supervisor's word is final, however supervisor is NOT exempt from any rules)
  5. If its not explicitly labeled as free, or fair game, its not. Please use Up For Grabs labels for donations.
  6. Label! Put your name on your personal belongings. Label your projects with a parking permit and get the ok for department head for proper storage.

Shop Stuff


  • The loading dock needs to be kept completely clear during business hours from the edge of the garage door to the door wall.
  • A 4' wide path must be kept open through the center of the shop in case of fire.
  • Trash and recycling cans can be found in most rooms. Please refrain from putting garbage in the blue recylcling bins. If the bin is full be proactive and empty it outside and place the bin back where you found it. Please replace the bag.
  • Set the alarm when you leave if you're the last one out after business hours.
  • Please keep the gate closed and locked at all times. If it is open please close and lock it.
  • Keep the Office and Classroom doors closed to keep dust down. (When you're making a mess, and for a bit after.)
  • You can put whatever you like that's food safe in the Member's Fridge, or the Basement Fridge, but if it gets furry, it's gonna go away. Respect other members needs for some cool space. Try to limit yourself to a six-pack sort of volume.
  • Use the dust collection system when you're using anything that makes dust, and leave it on for about 5 minutes after you're done making dust.
  • Empty the ShopVac when it's full, and vacuum off its filter with the dust collector.
  • You too can shovel the steps.
  • Don't start something that's going to take up a big chunk of space for weeks with out getting approval from the department head, or build something that will block access to other tools.
  • It is a violation of our lease and city code to sleep in the space overnight. This is a big no-no.
  • Follow the Tool Use stickers. If you're not trained to use something, don't hurt yourself, others or the tool.

Where Things Go/Are.

  • Stuff on the Blue Shelves by the stairs is up for grabs.
  • Soda in the fridge and snacks above it should be paid for in the donation bin by the Office.
  • First Aid Kit is on the wall in the office. If you notice it's out of something, tell the board or restock it. Do NOT remove it, or use its contents as tools.
  • Fire Extinguishers are around the shop, familiarize yourself with their locations.
  • The ceiling electrical drops are on a fuse. If it has 4 sockets, it's 20A, fewer, it's 15A. Extra fuses live in the office on the window by the door.
  • Other electrical outlets are on a breaker we do not have access too. Tell a board member or shop manager and they'll request to have them reset the next business morning.
  • Power tools live on the shelving by the Fence.
  • Hand tools live on the Tool Rack.
  • Electronics related tools live in the classroom in the Electronic Benchs area.
  • Flammable things should go in the Black Cabinet.
  • Member Applications (also for Guest Members) are in the front office on the welcome table. Completed forms should go in the bin.
  • Tool Label stickers live in the Office with a sheet explaining how to use them as well as outside the classroom on the wall on the label board.

General FAQ and FYI

  • More complicated Policies can be found here and membership policies here.
  • You can bring guests, but they can't use tools, and you are responsible for their actions, and injury. (see Guest Policy )
  • If you must bring a minor, you need to be supervising them at all times. They are your responsibility, not ours. They REALLY can't use any tools. EVER.
  • Alcoholic beverages are welcome (if you're of age), and you can share (if they're of age). You can't sell them, and you should not be overly intoxicated. You can't use any tools if you're impaired.
  • Don't do things outside that will upset a stereotypically cranky old neighbor. (or our landlord, or the city, etc.)
  • After the lot is plowed, be mindful of the metal plate. A corner often gets turned up that will take out a tire, if not an oil pan.
  • If you've got a question, ask a member of the Board of Directors, either in person (A few are usually there for Open Wednesdays) or by emailing I promise they'll get back to you in something that almost resembles a timely fashion.
  • Twin Cities Maker business cards are available to tell folks about us. Ask a member of the Board of Directors.
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