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Scholarship Policy On June 29, 2013, the student price for Twin Cities Maker memberships was discontinued, and a scholarship program was implemented in its place. Under the previous pricing model, proof unemployed status or student status had not been required, leading to some members to remain at the discounted rate in perpetuity after they no longer qualified for the discounted rate. Under the new membership pricing model, a lower-priced membership does still exist at the $30 rate; however, this rate is only available to those who can demonstrate sufficient need, and is referred to as the “scholarship rate”. This scholarship program went into effect on June 29, 2013 with all student memberships scheduled to be converted to regular membership rates at that time, having been alloted a 6 month grace-period from the date that the new scholarship rate was voted on by the Board of Directors. This deadline for the conversion of student rates to full member rates has been delayed to October 1, 2013. Those who are still on the student rate will be billed for October at the full membership rate, pending any application submitted for a scholarship rate.

Scholarship Procedures: Application to the Program The scholarship rate is available to any member or potential member who demonstrates sufficient financial hardship, subject to any cap on number of scholarships. To apply for the scholarship rate, please review the following application procedure:

1. All applications should be submitted in person or by mail to the Twin Cities Maker Board of Directors at: Attn: Scholarship The Hack Factory 3119 E 26th Street Minneapolis, MN Scholarship applications may also be submitted via email to [email protected] Please include “Attn: Scholarship” in the subject line.

  • The scholarship application must include the following information:
  • The name of the applicant;
  • The applicant's contact information, including phone and email;
  • A brief statement to the Board of Directors explaining why the applicant believes that he or she needs a discounted membership rate
  • Proof of need. Examples of proof include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Previous year's tax statement (social security number may be redacted
    • Last two pay stubs
    • Transcript showing full time student status (12 or more credits in a degree-seeking program and maintaining a 2.0 GPA)
    • Documentation of receipt of public assistance (medical, housing, etc)
    • Documentation of unemployment or retirement*

Scholarship Procedures: Review of Applications

All applications will undergo an initial review by at least 1 member of the Board of Directors. That Board Member has the authority to determine if an applicant has demonstrated sufficient need based on the application submitted, or if more information from the applicant is needed. Factors that a Board Member may determine qualifies an applicant on a prima facie reading of the application are:

  • Full-time student status in a degree-seeking or certificate program (maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA)
  • Income level below 200% of federal poverty guidelines
  • Proof of receipt of public assistance (excluding unemployment or disability benefits)

If Board Member doing the initial review of the scholarship application determines that the applicant qualifies for the scholarship rate, that Board Member shall inform the rest of the Board of Directors and the Treasurer/Membership Processor of this finding. If the reviewing Board Member cannot determine from a prima facie reading of the application if the applicant qualifies for the scholarship rate, then the Board Member will refer the application to the full Board of Directors. At least 3 other Board Members must then review and approve the application. If those 3 Board Members are uncertain as to whether the applicant qualifies for the scholarship rate, then the application shall be brought before the full Board of Directors and voted on, to be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

* Unemployed or retired status does not automatically qualify an individual for the scholarship rate; income level will still be taken into consideration.

Scholarship Procedures: Participation in the scholarship program If an application for the scholarship rate is approved, the scholarship rate shall be effective for a period of one year; excepting full-time students. Full time students shall be required to submit a new transcript / class schedule each semester that they wish to continue their scholarship rate (except for summer or J-term). A complete re-application shall not be required for full-time students each semester (only submission of a new transcript or class schedule showing continued status as a full time student shall be necessary), but only on an annual basis. Upon being granted the scholarship rate, the applicant / recipient shall be required to pre-pay for a three (3) month period of time in advance. If a membership at the scholarship rate lapses, the member must reapply for the scholarship rate. The scholarship rate member may take 1 month suspension during the year without losing scholarship, but must inform the Treasurer in advance of taking the break. Scholarship rate membership is not eligible for a household membership.

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