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Replacing or expediting your RFID key or welcome letter:

If you need to replace or expedite your RFID key or your welcome letter (new members).

Pickup a replacement envelope containing a RFID key and welcome letter at any time from the shop in the box next to the front door(map link).

To activate your replacement fob:

(Please note, as we are a volunteer-run organization, it can take 24-48 hours for a Membership Team volunteer to activate the fob)

Using the replacement ID choose one of the activation options below:

Option 1: Option 1: Scan the QR code on the replacement envelope, which will bring you to the fob replacement form (you can also find the link here) -

Option 2: Email with your name and your replacement ID

Need a replacement fob mailed to you? Please contact the volunteers in the membership department using

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