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Voting Instructions for Annual Meeting

Board of Directors seats

Each year we have N Board seats open for election. Please vote for N candidates on your ballot. Votes will be counted, and the top N recipients will be declared the winners. A runoff vote will be taken in the event that the top three candidates cannot be clearly determined.

Voting in person at the Annual Meeting

If you will be attending the meeting, you do not need to return any ballots. Ballots will be provided at the meeting.

Granting your vote to another member/ Proxy Voting

You may grant your voting privilege to another member. You must specifically name the member to whom you are granting your vote, and that member must attend the Annual Meeting in person. To grant proxy voting privilege, fill out and return the proxy voting form enclosed. Do not return any of the ballots.

You may rescind your proxy at any time up to the beginning of the Annual MeetingVoting by mail/email

2020 Proxy Voting Form

Absentee Voting

Ballots will be accepted by email or mail up to the beginning of the Annual Meeting. You may send ballots by email to: [email protected]

You can also send your ballot by physical mail to:

ATTN: Member Meeting Twin Cities Maker 3119 E 26th St Minneapolis, MN 55406-1884

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