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Guest Policy

Members are allowed to have a guest in the space with them. Guests, however, are typically prohibited from using any tools or equipment, even if the guest brings their own tool(s). If a guest wishes to use tools or equipment, we offer the option of a temporary Guest Pass. This affords the guest a temporary membership for 48 consecutive hours from arrival. Some tools at the Hack Factory are restricted from general use without required training, or may not be used without direct permission from the person(s) who own those tools or oversee their use (i.e., experienced operators or shop managers). These tools require a “check out,” or request for permission to use. The guest is allowed to use any tools that don't require a check out, and is allowed to check out the restricted tools with proper clearance.

We allow each Member to sponsor one Guest Pass at a time. A Guest Pass user must complete a Membership Agreement, and pay a $10 fee for each consecutive 48 hours they wish to use tools and equipment. Members can fill out this paperwork and drop the fee into the lock box at the Hack Factory any time, although we request that they also email the Treasurer (treasurer[-at-]] a notice of the Guest Pass application. The Sponsor Member is still responsible for all actions of the Guest, and Guest Passes do not gain any discounts.

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