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Visitor & Helper Pass Policy

I. Visitors (non-members) are welcome inside Twin Cities Maker facilities with supervision but are not allowed to do any of the following when not participating in a class (Sec. III) or without first obtaining a Helper Pass (Sec. II)
a. Use tools
b. Touch equipment
c. Work on projects

II - Helper Pass
a. A Member may sponsor a Visitor for them to acquire a Helper Pass to assist the Member with a project
b. A Visitor with a Helper Pass may not work on separate projects than the Member that they are working with
c. A Visitor may acquire a Helper Pass by filling out a Helper Pass Application located on premises and on the wiki
d. Visitors must be accompanied by a Member at all times even when they have an active Helper Pass
e. A Visitor with a valid Helper Pass may use tools, touch equipment, and work on projects in the space with the restriction that they still must follow any and all tool usage rules and restrictions including on use of tools that require a check-off or special training to use
f. A Helper Pass is valid for 48 hours from the time it was issued
g. A Member may only sponsor one Helper Pass at a time

III - Visitors who have signed up for a class held at Twin Cities Maker may, for the duration of that class, use the tools directly related to the purpose of the class, under the guidance of the class’ instructor without acquiring a Helper Pass

IV - Visitors are expected to be be good community members, follow all shop rules, and clean up after themselves


  1. 2021-12-14: Enacted
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