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Twin Cities Maker Email Policy

If you’re sending email as a representative of Twin Cities Maker:

  • Email should be sent using a email address;it should be sent through the production email system (currently Google GSuite);
  • all sent and/or received email must be stored in the production email system. You are free to forward email to other mailboxes/systems, as long as a copy remains available in the system.

Email accounts on the system are provided for all board members, officers, and area managers. Other accounts can be provided by request, at the discretion of IT staff.

Why this policy?

We’d like email dealing with Twin Cities Maker business to follow a few standards. These rules will make sure that:

  • Email is coming from, so that it looks professional (much better than email from various providers).
  • Email travels through TCMaker-approved mail servers, which helps keep our messages out of spam filters.
  • Email gets stored in our mail service, so that we don’t lose knowledge when volunteers move on for whatever reason.
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