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TC Maker Tool Loan Policy

All tools on premises of TCM that are not solely owned by Twin Cities Maker, excluding those tools in personal member storage cubbies, must adhere to the following:

  1. The tool is in working condition or is actively being repaired. Reasonable repairs will be done at the expense of Twin Cities Maker. Reasonable repair cost threshold will be determined by the Area Manager and outlined in “Tool Loan Agreement”
  2. The tool is available for use by all members. Training may be a prerequisite for use at tool “Lessor” discretion.
  3. Training must be regularly held and accessible to all members. Lessor is responsible for providing training themselves or through another authorized trainer.
  4. Lessor must fill out and submit the “Tool Loan Agreement” for approval by the Board of Directors AND/OR area manager responsible for the area in which the tool will be located prior to being brought to TCM premises.

Twin Cities Maker retains the ability to unilaterally end the lease agreement with 30 days electronic request or written notice. It is expected the tool “lessor” will remove the tool from TCM at the time of notice. Failure to do so in the given timeframe will result in the tool being considered property of TCM and subject to disposal or sale.

see page 2 for Tool Loan Agreement

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