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Governance and Policies

A miscellany of policies that are more complex than on the Shop Rules page.

Governing documents

2019 Membership Meeting information packet

Tools and Consumables

We have broken down our property inventory into four distinct classes.

Donated TCMaker Property

This is a tool that has been permanently donated to TCMaker. We assume all fiscal responsibility for the maintenance, consumables and repair.

TCMaker Property

This is an item that has been purchased by TCMaker. We assume all fiscal responsibility for the maintenance, consumables and repair.

Long Term Property Loans

Owner of this tool retains full ownership of said property. This tool will be openly accessible to other members of the organization. The owner is responsible for holding on going training for proper use of the tool. In exchange for holding training, we will assume partial to full fiscal responsibility for maintenance and repair as well as consumables within reason. Owner will be required to sign a property liability form.

Limited Property

Owner is solely responsible for all maintenance, consumables and repair. TCMaker is not responsible for any property damage or loss and will assume no fiscal responsibility for the property. Owner must sign a TCMaker liability release in order for the tool to remain on our property.

Restricted Personal Property

Our facility is based on the sharing of tools and resources. We strongly discourage large tools to be brought in for personal use only. While we do want people to have the tools needed to complete their projects, we must take into consideration space needs for our members as a whole. If you do have a large piece of equipment that you need for a short term project, you must get prior approval from the department head prior to bringing it in. We reserve the right to deny the request. TCMaker will not be held responsible for property damage or loss. You will be solely fiscally responsible for any and all aspects of the property. Owner must sign a TCMaker liability release prior to bringing it in.


  • We can give you a receipt for any material donations which you can use for a tax deduction. If you are approved to receive a discount on membership, you can not deduct that amount.
  • We can not accept every tool offered. We would have hundreds of circular saws. Please speak to the department head before you give us something.
  • Please refer to our donation policy for accepting gifts for more details on how to give and Email [email protected] with any questions you have: Donation Policy for Gift Acceptance

Commercial Use

As the shop is a community resource, use of it for significant personal gain is not acceptable. You may certainly sell things you make there, however if it appears that you are running a business, even a small one, we will ask you to stop making money off of other member's resources. To try to explain this: at work, your boss probably won't mind if you photocopy or fax a couple of items, but if you start printing out an entire book it's no longer ok.

I Want to ....

Yes, that's great, do it. If you think you *might* need to ask, do so, if only to avoid scheduling conflicts and the like. No ones been told “No” yet, however there have been a few “Please don't do this” things so that projects don't interfere with other members or the community. The Board of Directors is certainly *not* going to stop you from doing anything (legal) but we also don't expect every member to be familiar with every event or other project going on. This is only to be respectful of our community and other members. If you didn't ask, you might be told to move something, or alter something in a way that's more annoying than we'd like to be. (Remember, play well with others.)

Corporate Sponsorship and Gifts

  • We do appreciate and accept Corporate Donations. Please speak to our Development Coordinator about this.
  • Before you solicit any gifts in our name, you must speak with our Development Coordinator. If you are aware of any grants or programs that you think we should speak with, please tell us, we may have you be the point person if it is appropriate and you are willing. This is to prevent miss-communication, redundant requests, and gifts of herds of animals.
  • We do offer Corporate Memberships that Businesses can offer to their employees as spiffs, but at this time do not allow commercial use. If you think we can/should partner though, we're open to the idea.

Twin Cities Maker Member Code of Conduct

In November 2011 our organization adopted a living and changeable document, which outlines a Code of Conduct for its members. The content of this document can be found on the Twin Cities Maker Code of Conduct page.

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