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Shop Purchases & Expenses

PEX Cards

Shop managers should all have a PEX card with which they can make purchases for their shop. It is a pre-loaded credit card that is tied to our main PEX account and which the Treasurer is in charge of keeping cards topped off at around $250 at most times.

Getting a PEX Card

You should get one when you become a shop manager but if you have not gotten one yet you can talk to the Treasurer ([email protected]) and get the ball rolling on getting you set up with one. PEX is very spotty with the speed of getting the cards mailed so even if you do not have any purchases in mind right away you should get the process started getting one because it may be a month or two before the card shows up once requested.

Using your PEX Card Online

If you are using the card online note that the billing address is the Makerspace address. Also, you will not be able to make purchases from non-US-based businesses unless you talk to the Treasurer first and get your card set up to be allowed to do that.

Receipt Tracking

All receipts for purchases for the shop must be tracked and tagged correctly. When you make a purchase you need to take a photo, get a pdf, or take a screen shot of the receipt and upload it to the PEX app. You can then attach it to the appropriate purchase and tag it appropriately. You must tag the purchase with the appropriate shop department and category. So, for example, if the 3D lab were purchasing replacement nozzles they would screen shot the invoice, upload it to the app, attach it to the purchase, and then tag the purchase with “3D” class tag, and the “Repairs & maintenance” account tag.


If you have made a purchase for the shop with your own money you can email [email protected] with the receipt and request a reimbursement for the purchase. It should be noted that this is something that should be avoided. You should not be making shop purchases with your own money, you should be using your PEX card.

Purchasing Limit

Purchases below $250 can be made at the manager's discretion, respecting their yearly budget.

Purchases Over $250

Any purchase over $250 needs approval from the board before the purchase can be made. If the purchase is not urgent you should put it in the “For board approval” section of your monthly shop report so the board can consider it at the next board meeting (second Tuesday of every month). If the purchase is urgent, such as a major safety issue or the like, you can email [email protected] with a request for funds. In either case you should layout what it is you need, why, and how much it will cost. If possible, links to the item(s) you are considering purchasing are appreciated.

Going Over Budget

If you need to make a purchase when your yearly budget has been spent you should email [email protected] and [email protected] and we can discuss the urgent-ness of the purchases and if we can make it work in the budget. In general, as long as the purchases are small they are fine and will be approved.


At the beginning of every year shop managers will work with the Treasurer and the Board to set up a budget for each shop for the year. This is more of a general guidelines on spending than a hard and fast limit for each shop. This is the time to propose projects that would need significant funding such as new tool acquisition, shop renovations, etc.. Once budgets are submitted there will be a budget review where we look at what everyone has requested and see what can fit into the budget for the year.

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