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Delegating Tasks and Maintenance

Managers are not and should not be the only people who are doing the work to maintain and run a shop department. Their role is just as much about making sure things get done as it is about pitching in and getting things done themselves.

Shop managers should absolutely recruit members to help them with tasks around the shop.

Who Should I Ask for Help?

A good place to start is the people that are very active in your department, people that are using the area a lot are invested in the area staying up, running, and efficient.

How Should I for Help?

There are several approaches on this and it is honestly going to depend on what the tasks are and who you are approaching for the help.

Here are some general ways most managers engage the community for help:

  • Talk to members active in the area one-on-one. Ask if they are interested in taking on some responsibilities helping out or maintaining a machine
  • Post a general ask for help on slack in the department channel or in the announcement channel
  • Post a general ask for help in a department email
  • Put a request for an ask for help in your monthly shop report to be included in the monthly board email that goes out to all members

What Should I Ask for Help With?

Really anything and everything you need help with:

  • Tool maintenance
  • Cleaning of the shop area
  • Training on tools
  • etc.
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