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Sponsored Membership Policy

  1. Twin Cities Maker, henceforth TCM, may, at their discretion, grant sponsored membership to a group of one or more persons, henceforth Group
  2. A sponsored membership is provided free of charge to Group as a sponsorship of Group, generally for educational purposes
  3. Minors as part of Group
    1. Group may consist of members under 18 years of age, henceforth Minor, but then must must also consist of an appropriate number of persons 18 years of age or older, henceforth Chaperone
      1. Minors are subject to TCMs Minor Policy
    2. Groups with Minors must have at least one (1) Chaperone and may have no more than one (1) Chaperone per five (5) Minors
    3. Chaperones may use TCM facilities without any Minors present
  4. Those with sponsored memberships shall be treated as full members of TCM with all rights, privileges, and expectations therewith less the following:
    1. They may not add a +1 to their account
    2. The duration of the membership is at the sole discretion of TCM and may be terminated at any time and without warning
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