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Draft Shop Manager Expectations (V1)

You are the foremost ambassador of your area and Twin Cities Maker as an organization. We expect you to make yourself familiar with and abide by Twin Cities Maker policies and to hold yourself to the highest standards of being excellent to others.

Your behavior is the example of what excellence looks like for the entire membership.

Expectations of you In Your Area

  • Post contact information for yourself.
  • Set and Clearly Post Area Rules
  • Create and post information on how members can gain authorization on or the“check out” processes for tools that you feel need it.
  • Facilitate a clean and safe workspace.
  • Expedite tool maintenance and repair when necessary.
  • Facilitate the performance of preventative maintenance.
  • Document and organize tools and available equipment.

Other Expectations

* Report area needs, plans and concerns to the board each month by the first Tuesday of the month.
* Submit Pex Card Reimbursement Forms to the Treasurer in the proper format.
* Mentor, Coach and/or find resources in the community to help educate others
* Foster a welcoming environment for everyone, and actively encourage volunteerism
* Attend All Quarterly Clean-ups from 10am to 3 pm, or assign a single proxy in your
* place to lead the clean-up efforts. If assigning a proxy, email the board that person’s
* name at least two weeks prior to clean up.

What you can Expect from the Board

  • We will take your concerns seriously and will work with you to try and resolve them.
  • We will consider creating a temporary replacement position if you need to be absent for an extended period of time
  • We will seek your input when we are considering making changes that impact your space
  • We will strive to promptly process reimbursements and refilling of Pex cards upon receiving proper documentation
  • We too will be at All Quarterly Clean-ups from 10 am to 3 pm!
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