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Twin Cities Maker Minor Policy

Minors may be members of the Twin Cities Maker organization, and may use the equipment, with some restrictions.

The minor’s guardian must sign the minor waiver and release of liability form.

Some of our tools require physical strength, or height/arm length, or manual dexterity, or mental focus that some youth do not yet possess.The minor’s guardian is responsible for providing guidance to the minor with regards to what tools they have the capacity, both physically and mentally, to safely use.

Minors under the age of 16 may not use power tools or tools that use flammable gas in any of the shops in the Hack Factory without the direct supervision of an adult (either the minor’s guardian or another member who has agreed to supervise the minor’s tool usage).

While members of Twin Cities Maker are expected to help each other work safely, members who are not a minor’s legal guardian are not required to provide direct supervision for a minor, unless they willingly and explicitly choose to take on that responsibility.

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