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Membership +1 Policy

  1. Members of Twin Cities Maker who are not being provided with a sponsored membership, henceforth “Billing Contact”, are allowed to add one (1) additional person on to their account, henceforth “+1”
  2. A +1 is a full member of Twin Cities Maker in their own right with separate key(s), ID, account(s), and credentials; a +1 enjoys all the rights and privileges of all members
  3. Twin Cities Maker shall make no distinction between a Billing Contact and a +1 for any purposes other than
    1. Billing. +1s are not billed directly but instead has their account linked to a Billing Contact’s account for billing purposes
    2. +1s may not add a +1 to their account
  4. A +1 can be any close relation to the Billing Contact whom is directly part of their life in a daily basis including but not strictly limited to
    1. Spouse
    2. Life partner
    3. Significant other
    4. Family member
    5. Roommate
    6. A very close friend whom they would consider family
  5. A +1’s membership expires and reactivates along with the linked Billing Contact’s account
  6. A +1 can be made the Billing Contact of the account they are associated with if the original Billing Contact wants to, needs to, or has to terminate their membership for any reason. Any time currently paid for on the membership is transferred to the new Billing Contact
  7. A +1 may decide to sever their tie with their linked Billing Contact at any time and become a Billing Contact their-selves
  8. A Billing Contact is allowed to change their linked +1 by giving notice and request to Twin Cities Maker. A Billing Contact may only change their +1 once a year at most. The removed +1’s membership would then become expired
    1. The volunteer handling this change shall notify the the removed +1 of the change
    2. Changes caused by +1’s requests to become a Billing Contact shall not count against change limits
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