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Gift Membership Policy

I. Anyone who wishes may bestow a Gift Membership to Twin Cities Maker may do so by
a. Setting up a recurring payment on another’s behalf OR
b. Pre-purchasing an amount of time

II. Recipients of Gift Memberships are full members of Twin Cities Maker with all the rights, privileges, duties, and expectations associated with it. Twin Cities Maker is a volunteer organization and all members are volunteers with certain expectations and duties around volunteerism

III. The start date of the Gift Membership is the date the recipient completes new member orientation unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase
a. Start dates other than on completion of New Member Orientation by the recipent, must be approved by the Twin Cities Maker Membership Coordinator. They may approve and reject altenate start dates at their discretion.

IV. Refunds
a. All Gift Memberships are eligible for a refund, no questions asked, should the recipient feel Twin Cities Maker is not a good fit for them and before the start date on the account
b. After a Recipient's start date, a prorated refund may be issued upon request at the discretion of the Membership Coordinator
c. Refunds will not be issued if more than three (3) months have elapsed from the start date of the Gift Membership


  1. 2021-12-14: Enacted
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