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Board of Directors

A nonprofit’s board of directors is responsible for developing, defining, and reviewing the organization’s mission and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization. Boards are not owners of the organization but are stewards of the organization’s mission and resources.

Each nonprofit board should actively set policy and ensure that the organization has adequate resources to carry out its mission, provide direct oversight and direction for the Officers and Shop Managers and the organization as a whole, and evaluate its own effectiveness as a governing body, as a group of volunteers, and as representatives of the community in upholding the public interest served by the organization. (Minnesota Council of Nonprofits)

Qualifications of the Board

  • The board should strive to be representative of the organization as a whole
  • Board members should be actively committed to the mission of the organization
  • Board members should actively develop an understanding of the mission, ongoing activities, finances, business model, and changes in the operating environment of the organization.
  • Board members should value diversity and understand the role of broad participation and the importance of including diverse groups of people in the current and future success of the organization’s work.
  • To demonstrate their personal stake in the organization, board members are expected to volunteer their time, help raise external funds, and make personal financial contributions to the organization.
  • Board members should receive no monetary compensation for their board duties other than reimbursement for board-related expenses.

Board Member


  • Make your contact information public and make it known you are available to members (your email at minimum)
  • Foster a welcoming environment for everyone
  • Foster volunteerism while identifying and coaching the next leaders of the organization
  • Come prepared to meetings. Staying up to date on emails and meeting agendas helps us all make the most informed decisions possible on the direction of Twin Cities Maker
  • Review monthly reports to the board and organization updates
  • Attend board member meetings (remote will be an option)
  • Monitor and answer all board emails and communications in a timely manner
  • Seek input from members and shop managers before making decisions
  • Strive to be an example in action of what the Code of Conduct should look like
  • Be an active member of the community. The job of the board is to guide the long-term direction of Twin Cities Maker and the best way to understand the needs of the organization are to be an active participant
  • Step Down Gracefully
    • If you are unable to perform your duties for a period of time, let your fellow board members know so arrangements can be made to accommodate
    • If you no longer have the time or energy to be a leader, step down from your position. There is no shame in needing to take care of yourself

Role Description

  • It is expected that this work will take no more than 5-6 hours a month on average
  • Managing and approving the appropriation of funds for the makerspace
  • Guiding the direction of the makerspace via policy
  • Work with members to craft policy that represents the diversity of the organization
  • Understand and be actively committed to the mission of the organization
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