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Classes, Events, and Payments to Instructors

I want to Teach a Class - What do I do?

  1. Contact the department manager that your class is most related to. The Department Manager will be able to help guide you through logistics specific to teaching at TC Maker.
  2. Gain the approval of a department manager or board member to hold the class at TC Maker.
  3. Submit a Notification of Class/Events Form to [email protected], with a CC to the department manager or board member that approved the class, no less than 35 days before your event/class.
  4. The Events Coordinator will post your class to Eventbrite, Facebook, and the Twin Cities Maker Calendar.
    1. The Event Coordinator will add you to the notifications of the event so that you receive emails as attendees sign up.
    2. Should you regularly teach classes at TC Maker, we do have the ability to set you up with an Eventbrite account, at your request, so you can better monitor your class attendees.
  5. 5 Days after your event, Eventbrite will issue a check to TC MAker in payment of any/all class fees. Upon Eventbrite notifying us of the check issuance, your Notification of Class/Event form will be submitted to the Treasurer and a check for your percentage of the tuition fees will be issued.

Cancellation of Class by Instructors

TC Maker’s motto is Make, Share, Learn. In order to best deliver on that motto, we ask that all instructors hold any scheduled classes, no matter the number of people that actually sign up to attend the class (after all, even 1 student is still 1 person that gets to learn something new). Should an instructor need to cancel a class, please email [email protected] at least 48 hours before the class.

Instructors who cancel classes less than 48 hours before the class may be refused the privilege of teaching future classes at TC Maker.

Cancellation of Class by Attendee

TC Maker, will by default, allow cancellations and refund of class tuition up to 7 days before the class. Please inform the Events coordinator if you want to accept refunds up to the date of the class, or if you do not want to allow refunds of class tuition for any reason.

Class Reimbursements to Instructors

Should an instructor choose to charge any type of fee for a class or event, TC Maker requires the collection of the fees thru a service which is managed by TC Maker (ex:

Although we highly encourage instructors to offer free classes, or charge a nominal fee which only covers class materials for our membership, we understand that some instructors will want to charge more for their class or event. If this is the case, TC Maker requires that 25% of all tuition fees, after the cost of class materials, be donated to TC Maker for the use of the facilities. This being said, Instructors/Facilitators of classes held at TC Maker are not employees of Twin Cities Maker. Any reporting of tax responsibilities is solely the responsibility of the instructor/facilitator of the class or event.

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