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**Anti-harrasment policy**

  1. Twin Cities Maker has established a policy against harassment, and is articulating it publicly online, so that expectations will be clear. Let it be known that if issues were to arise, we would rather resolve them and keep you, than brush your concerns under the rug and keep the offender.
  2. Ask before touching another person, and interpret the absence of a clear “yes” as a “no”. Abide by it.
  3. When Twin Cities Maker members and guests express a limit on the amount or type of socializing they wish to do with you, abide by that limit.
  4. It is OK to express the socializing limits that you have.
  5. Rather than stop visiting the space, Twin Cities Maker members and guests are urged to report violations of this policy to our leadership, with the assurance that they are committed to have your back and take you seriously.
  6. Any time that a board member deems it is necessary to address an incident of improper social behavior, the board will investigate. If the board determines an infraction took place, they will choose one of these options: A. A warning. B. A suspension of membership for a time of the board’s choosing. C. A ban from the premises. The board may skip to the more serious consequences at their discretion.
  7. The board will keep respectful of the confidentiality of the identity of all parties involved in a complaint, outside the inquiries of the investigation.
  8. The secretary will keep a private record of complaints and penalties, accessible by the board.
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