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Shop Leadership Definition, Guidelines, and Expectations

Shop leaders are the foremost ambassadors of their areas and Twin Cities Makers as an organization. They are the amazing members of our community that step up to take charge of an area to help guide its direction and keep it running smoothly.


Shop managers and assistant managers are members appointed by the board to lead one of the shop's departments.

What they do:

  • Guide the department
  • Engage the community
  • Manage volunteers to help maintain the shop
  • Make sure tools are being maintained
  • Make sure the shop area is staying well organized and relatively clean
  • Be an example for the community


Shop managers are leaders in our community and as such certain expectations are placed on the role

  • Be a model member of the community and be an example for others
  • Be active in the community
  • Be communicative with the community around your area. Be it email lists or being active in slack, make sure you are letting members know what is going on, how they can pitch in, and what is coming down the pipeline
  • Facilitate documentation, organization, and maintenance
    • Remember that you should not do everything yourself. The role of the shop manager is not to be the person that has to do everything. It is to be the person that helps inspire to community to pitch in and helps organize projects for their department
  • Create or facilitate creation of clear paths for tool training and “check off” processes for tools
    • Not all tools require training so it is important to make it clear which do and do not require training
  • Foster a welcoming environment for everyone, and actively encourage volunteerism
  • Step Down Gracefully
    • If you are unable to perform your duties for a period of time, let the board know so arrangements can be made to accommodate
    • If you no longer have the time or energy to be a leader, step down from your position. There is no shame in needing to take care of yourself


  • Respond to department emails in a timely manner
  • Report area needs, plans, and concerns to the board each month by the first Tuesday of the month via a shop report (required at least once a quarter but can be every month if there are updates)
  • Submit PEX Card expense reports to the Treasurer in the proper format
  • Mentor, Coach and/or find resources in the community to help educate others
  • Endeavor to attend All Quarterly Clean-ups or assign a proxy in your place to lead the clean-up efforts

What Shop Managers Can Expect From the Board

  • We will take concerns seriously and will work with managers to try and resolve them
  • We will consider creating a temporary replacement position if a manager needs to be absent for an extended period of time
  • We will seek manager input when we are considering making changes that impact departments
  • We will strive to promptly process reimbursements and refilling of Pex cards upon receiving proper documentation
  • Active involvement on our part with the community as well

Guidance, the Know-how of Being a Shop Manager

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