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Policy Review Committee Meeting 2020-12-12

  • Communication
    • Email & slack
  • Meeting frequency
    • At least once a month, twice a month based on need/speed of work
  • Purpose of meetings
    • Circle up and discuss big issues and direction
    • Backlog definition and refinement
    • Around an hour in length
  • Work priority setting
    • Prioritize items that directly affect daily member use and manager support first
  • Backlog refinement (all tickets can be found on the public trello board for more info
    • Tool training path and usage policy
    • Family membership voting
    • Financial documentation
    • Board meeting documentation
    • Manager responsibilities and expectations
    • Manger onboarding and offboarding procedure
    • Shop vehicle usage policy
    • Member age policy
    • Guest policy
  • Joseph will be taking on the work of gathering any existing documentation from the old wiki backups and transferring it to the new wiki
  • All members of the committee have wiki write access
  • Next meeting has not been set but will be in 1-2 weeks
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