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Google Apps Accounts

  • email addresses are hosted in Google Apps.
  • If you have an account, you can sign in here, via gmail
  • Email accounts are in your own name. Not in the name of your office or department.
    • account names SHOULD be firstname.lastname AT tcmaker DOT org
    • If there is any variation from this, a firstname.lastname style address MUST be set as an alias
  • Email addresses for offices will be handled by aliases. Aliases are to be reassigned as soon as possible when an office changes hands.
    • In the event of a temporary vacancy the board will direct IT to redirect the office's address to one or more individuals so that messages are not lost.
  • Email addresses for areas and departments will be handled by Groups. Group membership will be set at the digression of the area manager, but should generally include the area manager and 1-3 other trusted individuals who are able to answer questions on behalf of TC Maker about the area.
  • A email account will be furnished to any Twin Cities Maker member in good standing, upon the request of a board member, officer, or manager (this is in order to limit requests, because account creation is not yet automated).
  • email accounts will be suspended if the account holder's membership lapses. Exceptions to this rule will only be made upon approval of the board.
  • Service accounts may be created on a limited basis for workflows and IT systems that require them. These are the only Google Apps accounts that should exist that aren't in personal names.
  • All mail sent from or other Twin Cities Maker owned domains must originate from GMail or one of our contracted providers (currently MailChimp, SparkPost, and AWS SES; yes there are plans to shrink this list). Contact IT if you need an exception to this, as in the future other service providers may be blocked by SPF rules.
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