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Logistics Coordinator Expectations

You are an ambassador of Twin Cities Maker. As Logistics Coodrinator, you are expected to lead by example, abide by Twin Cities Maker policies, and to hold yourself to the highest standards of being excellent to others.

Your behavior is an example of what excellence looks like for the membership

Your job is to look at the interplay between departments and identify common needs for consumables to purchase and tools that are needed by multiple departments that we need to support smooth shop operation (no one department can justify, but as a shop we need it).

Then to act on the identified needs by maintaining a database of consumables purchasing those budgeted and requested to be kept on hand by shop managers.

The most important duties of this position are to keep informed of the needs of all shop areas and instigate discussions to facilitate shop wide thinking by managers.

Expectations of Excellent Logistics Coordinator

  • Make your contact information public, and make it known you are available to members (your email at minimum)
  • Foster a welcoming environment for everyone and look for improvement that can make the facility and shop more welcoming.
  • Maintain and keep up to date with supplies purchasing needs
  • Maintain Tool Database for reference and insurance needs.
  • Coordinate with treasurer closely on how to document purchase expenses and reduce long term costs while improving services.
  • Instigate discussions with members and managers and about department and shop needs
  • Ask members and managers “Is there anything you need?” When you see them taking the time to problem solve solutions for their problems.
  • Seek input from members and shop managers before making decisions on purchasing to ensure choices meet their needs
  • Help managers and take care of purchasing for Quarterly cleanup supplies needs
  • Solicit Community feedback and have at least 2 menu options prepared for quarterly cleanup food takeout (GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO GET GOOD FOOD FOR VOLUNTEERS) Maintain a list of good affordable take out places so we can provide good food during big project builds
  • Step Down Gracefully
    • If you no longer have the time, energy, or will to be an excellent leader, find a replacement and step down from your position.
    • Don’t just stop doing an administrative task w/out finding a replacement for the task.

Strive to be an example in action of what the Code of Conduct should look like

Time Requirement Expectations

  • Try to spend a minimum of 3-5 hours, outside of open house hours, in the shop
    • This will give you the time to meet other members, learn what is organically going on in the shop, and what the organizational needs are of the shop and keeping in touch with the needs and desires of members.
  • Attend All Quarterly Clean-ups from 10 am to 3 pm
  • Pickup take out for Cleanup if needed (or find volunteer) 40min-90min
  • Prepare Monthly Reports to the Board (20min)
  • Read all other Shop Reports and Organization Updates to keep informed (up to 1hr monthly)
  • Attend all All-Member Meetings (2-3hr yearly)
  • Monitor and Answer all Emails and Communications within 48 hours. (10-20 minutes weekly/ 1-2 hours monthly)
  • Review tool Database and perform needed updates (20min monthly)
  • Review supplies on hand vs database an plan/perform purchasing to keep above minimum Stock levels 2hr
  • Perform research or purchasing needed by shop managers to backstop shop projects (normally 10-15min but can take up to 3-6hr monthly)
  • Budget and supplies receipts review/Planning (6-10hr Yearly)

Expected resources necessary to complete Duties

  • Computer/Smartphone
  • Vehicle
  • Email ([email protected] group access)
  • Gsuite Account
  • Access to Team Drives
  • Shop Reports
  • PEX Card
  • Password Manager Access
  • PEX access to all receipts
  • Quick-books Access
  • Membership System
  • Video Conference Setup (meetings)
  • Wiki/Forums/Messaging platform (Community feedback cycle for projects and Proposals. Keep the board out of the weeds)
  • Surveys and Survey Results (What do our members need and Want?)
  • PDF Creator
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