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Draft Board Member Expectations (V2)

You are an ambassador of Twin Cities Maker. As a board member, you are expected to lead by example, abide by Twin Cities Maker policies, and to hold yourself to the highest standards of being excellent to others.

Your behavior is an example of what excellence looks like for the shop managers and the entire membership.

Expectations of Excellent Board Members

  • Make your contact information public, and make it known you are available to members (your email at minimum)
  • Foster volunteerism while identifying and coaching the next leaders of the organization
  • Foster a welcoming environment for everyone
  • Seek input from members and shop managers before making decisions
  • Step Down Gracefully
    • If you no longer have the time, energy, or will to be an excellent leader, find a replacement and step down from your position.
    • Don’t just stop doing an administrative task w/out finding a replacement for the task.
  • Strive to be an example in action of what the Code of Conduct should look like

Time Requirement Expectations

Approximately 8-10 hours per month

  • Spend time, outside of open house hours, in the shop
    • This will give you the time to meet other members, learn what is organically going on in the shop, and what the organizational needs are of the shop and keeping in touch with the needs and desires of members (3-5 hours per month)
  • Attend Quarterly Clean-ups from 10 am to 3 pm
    • Lead by Example – if a board member isn’t willing to help on Quarterly Clean up Why should any other member?
  • Review Monthly Reports to the Board and Organization Updates (up to 2 hours /month)
  • Attend all Board Member Meetings (1-2 hrs a month) at all future meetings attending remotely will be an option
  • Come prepared to all board meetings (review materials and reports)
  • Attend all All-Member Meetings (2-3hr yearly)
  • Monitor and Answer all board Emails and Communications within 1 business day. (30 minutes weekly/ 2 hours monthly)
  • Budget review/Planning (6-10hr Yearly)

Access/ Programs necessary to complete Duties

  • Email
  • Shop Reports
    • Password Manager Access
      • Bank Access (Review and Audit Financials)
      • Quickbooks Access (Review and Audit Financials)
  • Membership System (followup on member issues)
  • Video Conference Setup
  • Google Drive
  • Wiki/Forums/Messaging platform (Community feedback cycle for projects and Proposals. Keep the board out of the weeds)
  • Surveys and Survey Results (What do our members need and Want?)
  • PDF Creator (Google Docs/libre office)
  • Board Time (Talk to each other about options and solutions)
  • Generator Time (volunteers to help with policy issues and review action items)
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