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Contact information

A list of all known ways to contact the group at large

  • Blog - Our Front page, members can get posting permission
  • Wiki - Where we try to store all information our members and guests may need.
  • Email - Contact info for various specific and general queries
  • Slack - General discussion server for our members
  • Google Group - A general discussion list-serve for members and the public (defunct, replaced by Slack)
  • Flickr - Add your photos to the TCMaker Flickr stream by joining and then pushing them to the stream.
  • Phone - 612-293-MAKE (6253) - Voice-mail monitored by the Board of Directors
  • 3119 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406 Map

Getting Access to Systems

Members that would like permission to post to the TC Maker blog, Wiki, or Slack should contact membership at or talk to a membership champion at a Wednesday Open House.

  • Slack
    • Members should be given access to Slack on signup. If you do not have access email send an email to, or talk to a membership person at a Wednesday Open House.

Email Addresses



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