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Contact information

A list of all known ways to contact the group at large

  • IRC - web chat
  • Forum - Where we started, for historical interest only as most of the traffic has moved to the Google group (see below).
  • Email</span> - Contact info for various specific and general queries
  • Google Group - A general discussion list-serve for members and the public
  • Flickr - Add your photos to the TCMaker Flickr stream by joining and then pushing them to the stream.
  • Phone - 612-293-MAKE (6253) - Voice-mail monitored by the Board of Directors
  • 3119 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406 Map
  • Blog - Our Front page, members can get posting permission
  • Wiki - Where we try to store all information our members and guests may need.

Members who would like permissions to post to the blog and/or the wiki should send an email to [email protected], or talk to a membership person at a Wednesday Open House.

Email Addresses

Google groups



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